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  1. Industrial Communication
  2. Industrial Ethernet
  3. IK-PNOCPNI - Beschreibung

Certified PROFINET Network Installer (IK-PNOCPNI)


  • With PROFINET, the PROFIBUS user organization (PNO) has defined an open and cross-manufacturer Industrial Ethernet standard for the field level. To remain competitive, companies need competent personnel who have mastered the new PROFINET IO fieldbus technology.
  • This course provides you, as an installer, with the opportunity to get qualified on the PROFINET installation and communication technology and to obtain a corresponding certificate.
  • The course includes a final PNO-certified test, which consists of theoretical and practical tasks. Upon successfully passing the test, you will receive a certificate showing that you are a "Certified PROFINET Network Installer".
Typ Präsenztraining
Dauer 2 Tage
Sprache en


  • Programmers
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Engineering personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Service personnel


  • Fundamentals of Ethernet technology
  • Installation guidelines for PROFINET systems
  • Fundamentals of grouding
  • Testing and building of PRFOINET conform Ethernet cables
  • Connection system, network components, transmission media
  • Setup and function test of the PROFINET IO network with hardware and software tools
  • Tests for Certified PROFINET Network Installer


  • Basic knowledge of Ethernet is desirable


  • According to specifications of the PNO, the qualification measure "Certified PROFINET Network Installer" is aimed at employees who plan, optimize, commission and install PROFINET IO networks, and check the Ethernet network in order to detect and clear faults.