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OPC UA with SIMATIC Controllers / OPC UA 面向SIMATIC 控制器的应用 (F4033)


  • The training provides a detailed introduction to the basic concepts of the OPC UA platform and its interfaces. You get to know the concepts behind the abstract model and can test and understand them in exercises with various OPC UA clients on real OPC UA components. You will get to know the functions of OPC UA servers and clients in the SIMATIC controller and HMI, design and program them in exercises. A comprehensive exercise concept will gradually lead you to a communication model based solely on OPC UA communication.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 days
Language zh

Target Group

  • Project planners, Configuration engineers, Programmers


  • Introduction of OPC UA Basics
  • Services and Principles of OPC UA Data Exchange
  • Security Aspects with OPC UA
  • S7-1500 as OPC UA Server and Client
  • WinCC HMI as OPC UA Client and Server


  • Attendance of A7811 and A7816 Course


5,300 CNY