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Plant Simulation / 工厂仿真(Plant Simulation) (F5501)


  • Learn the application method of production logistics Simulation and the use method of Plant Simulation software. Use the 3D function of plant Simulation to conduct plant modeling analysis and planning, and use simulation analysis tools to allocate and evaluate production capacity, efficiency, personnel and logistics.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language zh

Target Group

  • Plant Simulation software users, production process planning and management personnel, industrial engineering personnel


  • Plant simulation introduction
  • The establishment of simple simulation model
  • Descriptions and examples of common MU objects and mobile units
  • Structured design
  • Common information objects, including the control operations on object outbound entries
  • Fluid commands
  • Method introduction, SimTalk grammar learning
  • Use of sensor objects
  • Information interaction and user interface
  • How to use properties and tables
  • Use of chart statistics
  • Simulation of workers and shifts, introduction of workers resource objects
  • AGV control
  • Use of laboratory manager, bottleneck analyzer and cost analyzer
  • Stereoscopic library management
  • Object appearance editing and 3D modelling
  • Content supplement and Q&A exchange


  • Understand the basic concepts of industrial engineering or logistics, Knowledge of basic software programming tools or languages.


12,500 CNY