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Manufacturing Assembly Process Planning / 装配过程规划(中级) (F5421)


  • In this course, you identify steps you follow when developing a new process plan in Manufacturing Process Planner. Also, some basic features of Teamcenter and Teamcenter manufacturing are highlighted.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language zh

Target Group

  • Manufacturing process engineers and assembly process planners.


  • Overview of Manufacturing Process Planner and Multi-BOM Manager
  • Identify manufacturing structures and business use cases
  • Use the basic Teamcenter environment
  • Introduction to MPP and MBM
  • Create and use collaboration context objects
  • Manage engineering data (EBOM)
  • Author manufacturing features (BBOM)
  • Create a manufacturing part list (MBOM)
  • Validate EBOM to MBOM
  • Use product BOPs
  • Setup an initial plant BOP
  • Sequence and optimize the plant BOP
  • Perform operation time analysis
  • Balance operator workloads (EP)
  • Automatically configure the process structure
  • Manage dynamic and filtered IPAs
  • Validate MBOM to plant BOP
  • Manage and validate studies
  • Perform alternative planning
  • Access libraries of resources in Teamcenter
  • Manage plant resources (BOE)
  • Utilize workers and robots in the plant
  • Create reports
  • Add product views to operations
  • Manage reference documents and work instructions
  • Approve and release a process plan
  • Manage manufacturing changes
  • View work instructions


12,500 CNY