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Designing Parts in NX / 在NX中设计零件(基础) (F5101)


  • This course is designed to give new users experience creating and editing parametric models using the essential NX processes. Users will learn how to create sketches to capture design intent, how to model a part efficiently, as well as how to assemble parts into product assemblies, and produce basic part drawings.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language zh

Target Group

  • Engineers, designers, detailers who manage and use NX


  • NX user interface
  • Create a basic part
  • Organize and display part models
  • Create cylindrical parts using sketches
  • Add Finishing Details
  • Simple changes and part interrogation
  • Analyze existing assemblies
  • Establishing design intent
  • Analyze the design and make changes
  • Create parts with constant wall thickness
  • Sweep geometry
  • Build parts with duplicated geometry
  • Create symmetric models
  • Basic part edits using synchronous
  • Bottom-up assembly building
  • Create a basic part drawing


  • Basic knowledge of Mechanism


12,500 CNY