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AC Drive Basics Web based Training / 交流驱动器基础网络课程 (W1202)


  • Frequency converters are increasingly being used in electrical drive technology. These allow variable speed operation as opposed to mains-fed operation. A basic knowledge of converters is therefore necessary for planning, commissioning and maintaining drive systems. This training session introduces you to this subject. It gives you a basic understanding of what you need to know to achieve optimal learning results from SITRAIN courses at the training center.
Type E-Learning
Duration 6 hours
Language zh

Target Group

  • Decision makers, sales personnel
  • Project managers, project assistants
  • Engineers, programmers
  • Startup engineers, configuration engineers
  • Service personnel
  • Operators, users
  • Maintenance personnel


  • Output ranges and areas of application of frequency converters
  • Design of a frequency converter: rectifier, DC link and inverter
  • Braking resistor, energy recovery, multi-motor systems with DC link connection
  • Inverters: stator field generation, power transistors, pulse-width modulation
  • Motor control:
    • V/f control
    • Vector control without speed measurement
    • Vector control with speed measurement
  • Operation with constant torque and field weakening
  • Data for continuous operation and for short-time duty with overload
  • Additional components: fuses, contactors, filters and reactors
  • Overview of typical interfaces, input and output signals
  • Overview of operation and parameter assignment


  • None


300 CNY