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General drive technology and skills / 通用变频器技术与技能基础 (D7401)


  • The innovation of this course adopts "principle machine" teaching to break the difficulty of combining theory with practice in practical application. The trainees can deeply understand the principle of frequency converter and quickly master the relevant skills of various brand frequency converters (SIEMENS/ ABB / Schneider / INOVANCE).
  • Introduces the principle of AC / DC motor, inverter principle, structure and general control theory, and carries out centralized teaching for a variety of brand frequency converters, which is of great benefit to the relevant design, service and commissioning personnel of frequency converter.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language zh

Target Group

  • Sales personnel, Project managers, project assistants, Startup engineers, Configuration engineers, Service personnel


  • DC/ Synchronous & Asynchronous Motors principles
  • Electronic components and IGBT drive circuit DIY
  • DC converter design and function
  • AC converter design and function
  • Centralized commissioning of multi brand frequency converter based on frequency converter "principle machine"
  • Analysis of typical faults of frequency converter
  • Control types, control loops and optimization criteria


  • Basic knowledge in electrical engineering


7,500 CNY