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PCS7 System


The SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system is a significant component of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), the unique basis offered by Siemens for uniform and customized automation in all sectors of the production, process and hybrid industries. Using TIA, Siemens is able to offer uniform automation technology on one single platform for all applications of process automation, starting with input logistics, covering production or primary processes as well as downstream (secondary) processes, up to output logistics. This is suitable for optimization of all operating sequences of an entire company, i.e. from the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) level and MES (Management Execution System) level to the control level, right down to the field level. Our PCS7 courses can satisfy your need of comprehensive and thorough understanding of PCS7 system standard and expansion functions.

Type and Title Language Training ID
Face-to-face training
Face-to-face training
A1501 zh
zh A1501
Face-to-face training
Face-to-face training
A1503 zh
zh A1503
Face-to-face training
Face-to-face training
A1507 zh
zh A1507