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SIMOTION Advanced Programming Course / SIMOTION 运动控制系统的高级编程 (A3102)


  • The programming course will enable the participant to structure and generate and put in operation complex motion control programs,using MCC-charts and Structured Text. Starting from the technologies Positioning and gearing the creating of cams and coupling axis using cams is one main focus. Additionally the communication to other systems like UDP or OPC will be discussed.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language zh

Target Group

  • pprogramming engineers, commissioning engineers, project design engineers


  • Introduction of creating programs in Structured Text for SIMOTION
  • Define variables and data structures in ST-units
  • Create reusable subprograms (FC and FB)
  • Programming commands for motion control
  • PLCopen library
  • Creating cams using CAMEDIT and system function
  • Practical exercises with different examples of applications


  • Completion of course A3101


7,200 CNY