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Process Simulation / 工艺仿真(Process Simulation) (F5503)


  • Through this training, you can master the basic functions of PS software, have a certain understanding of assembly simulation, can carry out basic simulation operations, master the basic functions of PD software, and complete the deliverables related to body-in-white process development according to the basic flow.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 4 days
Language zh

Target Group

  • Process simulation personnel


  • Process Simulation introduction and installation
  • Option settings, keyboard and mouse shortcuts
  • Software interface and menu bar drop-down command introduction and explanation
  • New research, 3D data association and import
  • Define object attribute types
  • Layout adjustment
  • Assembly simulation technology
  • Human factor simulation technology
  • Robot simulation technology
  • Create device motion actions
  • Robot automatic position and path planning
  • Intelligent robot position adjustment
  • Robot installation equipment
  • The robot modifies the pose and position of the point
  • Add robot external axis
  • MFG manufacturing feature creation and projection
  • Solder joint allocation
  • Make electric welding paths
  • Make continuous welding paths
  • Welding analysis and verification
  • Assembly path planning and production
  • Robot welding path planning and production
  • Robot grab path planning and production
  • Human factor simulation path planning
  • Timing control simulation
  • Practice and answer questions


  • Basic process development concepts, basic concepts of mechanical design, and certain knowledge of the body in white process.


10,000 CNY