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SINAMICS S120 Diagnostics and Service / SINAMICS S120 诊断与维护课程 (D7219)


  • Unplanned stoppages of production machines can cost a lot of money. In this course, you learn the proper way to handle a SINAMICS S120 drive system when a fault occurs. You will be able to rectify faults more quickly, and make minor adaptations to the parameter assignment. That will save time and money.
  • The practical exercises are conducted on a booksize SINAMICS S120 converter system with synchronous and asynchronous motors.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language zh

Target Group

  • maintenance personnel


  • Principles and overview of the SINAMICS S120
  • Motors and encoders for the SINAMICS S120
  • Diagnostics by visual check and use of LED displays and multimeters
  • Using the memory card: Structure and data backup
  • Setting up an online connection between PC and SINAMICS S120 via PROFIBUS and Ethernet
  • Data backup using the STARTER commissioning tool
  • Structure of a STARTER project: Drive objects, components and DRIVE-CLiQ topology
  • Test mode with STARTER: Operator panel, measuring functions, self-optimization
  • Recording signals with the trace function, long-term trace, triggers on bit patterns
  • Procedures for replacing control units, power modules and motors
  • Motor defects: Diagnostic possibilities on site
  • Encoder defects: Diagnostics, replacement and adjustment
  • Basic positioner: Changing traversing blocks and signals
  • Function and mode of operation of the safety functions integrated in the drive
  • Replacement of components with safety functions activated
  • Overview of parameters for service purposes
  • Analysis of enabling signals and alarms
  • Practical exercises using training devices


  • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering


6,800 CNY