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Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program - SMSCP


Automated systems are becoming more complex and pervasive, and an increased knowledge is required to design, operate and maintain them than ever before. Complex mechatronic systems are the nexus of mechanical, electrical, and computerized technologies. There is a growing need for qualified people at all levels of an organization with  knowledge of integrated mechatronic systems. Siemens, a world leader in mechatronic engineering, has responded to this need by creating an industry certification program to help students, teachers and institutions.
The Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program (SMSCP) is a comprehensive industry skills certification in mechatronic systems. Offered together with partner schools worldwide the SMSCP is designed to be integrated into existing programs of study, and is divided into three exam-based levels. Each level is directly tied to a job profile that clearly defines the on-the-job competencies of certified personnel. A Siemens certification is world-class technical training.


Systems Approach

A central theme in the SMSCP is the Systems Approach, a special set of teaching and learning methods developed over 30 years ago in Siemens´ technical schools in Germany.
Under the Systems Approach, students learn about the complexities of a system in a holistic fashion.
Starting at the macro level, students first see the full system and learn about its function.
From there they go into one of the system modules, examining the components contained within the module and their inter-relationships with one another.
At the component or device level, students learn about the physical properties of each component in the system, and, coupled with their knowledge of the flow of energy and information within the system, they will learn to carry the measurements required to pinpoint where malfunctions are occurring. They can determine whether a component is defective, whether the energy or information flow is incorrect, or if the hardware of the control system is defective – in other words moving from the micro-level back up to the macro-level in the troubleshooting process.
As a result, Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Assistants, Associates and Professionals are equipped with troubleshooting strategies and are able to transfer their knowledge easily to other systems, resulting in flexible and autonomous employees.

Image Benefits for Industry

Benefits for Industry

  • Certified, Well-Trained, Work-Ready Employees

Increase efficiency and productivity among machine operators, technicians and engineers

  • Increase employability of new employees (reduce on-the-job training)

With its emphasis on in-demand industrial skills, troubleshooting, and hands-on practice, SMSCP’s training will provide you with knowledgeable workers, who are able to easily move into different job areas.

  • Cost Savings on Training and Education

Companies and industries receive highly skilled technical workers while drawing on local education and training resources via partner schools. Our program partners offer the SMSCP training at a fraction of the cost of private training companies and in some areas, the training may qualify for funding from local government.






等级一 西门子认证机电一体化系统助理


  • 复杂机电系统的高效运行
  • 识别问题和故障排除

等级二 西门子认证机电一体化系统技师

  • 专注于系统管理、调查、故障排除和维修

等级三 西门子认证机电一体化系统工程师

  • 强调专业系统工程、系统设计、过程优化和项目管理

等级一和等级二教师认证:RMB 47,500元/周/人
合作授权:RMB 50,670元/年