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Digital Enterprise - Introduction compacte (DI-INTROC)


  • Digital Enterprise, your path to Industry 4.0 - discover the possibilities. Today's technologies are so complex that, in order to keep up to date, it is almost essential for the training to be performed on the software and the associated training devices.
  • The target group of this course is comprised of configuration engineers, project planners and decision-makers working in medium-sized and large-scale industrial companies, who are working on end-to-end digitalization concepts.
  • The course gives you an introduction into the Totally Integrated Automation in the Digital Enterprise
  • as your path toward Industry 4.0 and an overview of the various software solutions, so that you will be able to assess them after completing the course.
  • You are given not only a theoretical overview but also gain further insights into the possibilities of Digital Enterprise though practical demonstrations.
Typ Präsenztraining
Dauer 1 Tag
Sprache fr


  • Decision makers
  • Sales personnel
  • Planners


  • Digitalization - Industry 4.0
  • Automatic execution of engineering tasks
  • PLM-integration of automation engineering
  • Efficient cloud-based engineering
  • Virtual commissioning
  • Integrated energy management
  • Protection of machines and plants
  • Data acquisition for cloud services


  • Basic knowledge of automation engineering