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Principles of AC Drives (DR-GAT)

  • This course provides extensive basic information for activities in the field of electrical drive technology. The topics are addressed in a general manner, independently of specific products. In further courses on SINAMICS converters, you will be able to more easily realize details and understand their context. This is an advantage both in commissioning and diagnostics, and when configuring and planning drive systems.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 2 days
Language en

Target Group

  • Sales personnel
  • Project managers, project assistants
  • Startup engineers, configuration engineers
  • Service personnel
  • Maintenance personnel


  • Electronic components: diode, thyristor, transistor, IGBT
  • DC converter: design and function
    • Bridge connection: behavior on ohmic and inductive load
    • Rectifier and inverter operation
    • Gating angle, commutation, inverter commutation failure
  • AC converter: design and function
    • Rectifier, DC link, inverter
    • Pulse width modulation, pulse-edge and space-vector modulation
    • Generator operation: feedback and braking resistor
  • Line connection: active power and reactive power, harmonics
  • Line-side and motor-side components: reactors, filters, fuses
  • Mechanics: equations of motion, energy balance, gear ratio
  • Motors: design, function and equivalent circuit diagram
    • DC motor
    • Synchronous motor
    • Asynchronous motor
  • Measuring systems for sensing speed and position
  • Control technology:
    • Controller and control loops, optimization criteria
    • Speed, torque and current control
    • V/f control and vector control


  • Basic knowledge in electrical engineering


  • Course documentation: English
  • Trainer: English speaking


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