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Requirements for online training

Awesome! You are thinking about participating in an online training with remote training devices from SITRAIN BeLux! 

An online training is not completely the same as a classroom training, but we do our best to get as close as possible to the classroom training experience. The theory and the explanations of the exercises are explained to you during a video call and for the exercises you get access to one of our laptops/PG's. If applicable, these are connected to real training devices that will be made visible through a webcam.

However, a number of conditions must be met for this to be successful:

  1. It is necessary to have administrator rights on your PC or laptop because a number of programs need to be installed. If you do not have these rights, your local IT may be able to support you in this regard.
  2. In our online courses we use Cisco Webex for the video conferencing part. You can participate in the meeting in a browser window or via the app. You can download the app via this link. The link to the meeting will be sent to you via email in the weeks leading up to the course.
  3. To access the training devices, a VPN tunnel must first be established. We use the Siemens solution SINEMA RC and the SINEMA RC client needs to be installed on your system. The installation files can be downloaded from the online support site. To do this you need to be registered on the support site. Please note that user and password are not the same as for MyTraining or SINEMA RC. The login details for SINEMA RC will be provided to you via email during the two weeks before the start of the course.
  4. To access the training devices remotely, you will also need to install Tight VNC Viewer. This will allow you to take over a computer on which you will make the exercises during the course. Tight VNC can be downloaded from this link and during the installation process you may choose not to install Tight VNC Server; only the viewer is needed on your system. Further information on how to use Tight VNC will also be provided to you during the two weeks prior to the start of the course.